Recent Sermons 


Kevin Falde

3-19-2023 PM

What Do You Need?

James 4:2-4

Rev. Kelly McInerney

3-19-2023 AM

Cease Not

Acts 5:34-42


Kevin Falde

3-19-2023 SS

Missionary to Haiti

Pastor House

3-15-2023 WED

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

John 15:26

Bro. Avery Morgan

3-12-2023 PM

How to Receive God's Word

Psalm 19:10

Pastor House

3-12-2023 AM

Decisions Have Consequences

Numbers 14:1

Pastor House

3-12-2023 SS

Study of Daniel Part 2

Daniel 1:1-21

Pastor House

3-8-2023 WED

Filled with the Spirit

Ephesians 5:17-21

Pastor House

3-5-2023 PM

Give Ye Them to Eat

Luke 9:1-17

Pastor House

3-5-2023 AM


I Corinthians 15:58

Pastor House

3-5-2023 SS

Study of Daniel Part 1

Daniel 1:1-8

Pastor House

3-1-2023 WED

Seal of the Holy Spirit

II Corinthians 1:20

Rev. David Melton

2-26-2023 PM

What God Expects

Numbers 6:22-26

Pastor House

2-26-2023 AM


Luke 8:40-56

Pastor House

2-26-2023 SS

Study of Revelation Part 31

Revelation 18

Pastor House

2-22-2023 WED

The Holy Spirit is God

Genesis 1:1-2

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