June 2022 

Rev. Kent York

6-26-2022 PM

Spread the Seed

Luke 8:5

Rev. Kent York

6-26-2022 AM

Harden Not Your Heart

Hebrews 3:1-16

Rev. Kent York

6-26-2022 SS

How to Be a Refresher

II Timothy 1:16-18

Rev. Jason Jordan

6-22-2022 WED

The Fear of the Lord

Job 28:28

Pastor House

6-19-2022 PM

Study of I Peter Part 6

I Peter 1:22

Pastor House

6-19-2022 AM

Honor Thy Father

Exodus 20:1-20

Pastor House

6-19-2022 SS

Study of Revelation Part 1

Revelation 1:1-20

Rev. Ted Ricci

6-15-2022 WED

About the Father's Business

Luke 2:32

Pastor House

6-12-2022 PM

Study of I Peter Part 5

I Peter 1:13-21

Pastor House

6-12-2022 AM

Purpose of Sunday School

Nehemiah 8

Pastor House

6-8-2022 WED

For His Glory

John 11

Pastor House

6-5-2022 PM

Study of I Peter Part 4

I Peter 1

Pastor House

6-5-2022 AM

How to Prosper

I Chronicles 28

Pastor House

6-5-2022 SS

Study of Genesis Part 65

Genesis 49-50

Pastor House

6-1-2022 WED

Right Motive, Wrong Method

I Chronicles 13

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