July 2021

Kent York

7-11-2021 AM

Great Differences

I Thessalonians

Pastor House

7-11-2021 SS

Study Of Genesis Part 23

Genesis 14

Kent York

7-11-2021 PM

Learn From The Past

Genesis 12:10

Kent York

7-10-2021 SAT

Serve Him

Jonh 1:1

Kent York

7-9-2021 FRI

Meet A Fool

Luke 12:16

Pastor House

7-7-2021 WED

Get Wisdom

Prov 3

Pastor House

7-4-2021 AM

Individual Soul Liberty

I John 2:26-28

Pastor House

7-4-2021 SS

Study Of Genesis Part 22

Genesis 13

Pastor House

7-4-2021 PM

Wait For Him

Isaiah 64:4

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