​​​​​​​ February 2020

Rev. Jason Jordan

2-16-2020 PM

Ppray For Your Pastor

Romans 15:30

Pastor House

2-16-2020 AM

He Constraineth Us

Matthew 14:22-23

Pastor House

2-12-2020 WED

Careful How We Worship

Leviticus 9:1

Pastor House

2-9-2020 PM

Bus Ministry

Luke 14:16

Pastor House

2-9-2020 AM

Love Shall Wax Cold

Matthew 24:3-12

Pastor House

2-5-2020 WED

God Avenges

Matthew 23:1

Dr. Terrell Hudson

2-2-2020 PM


Jeremiah 6:16

Jim Morgan

2-2-2020 SS

Fear, Faith, & Forgiveness

II Kings 1:2-16

DR. Terrell Hudson

2-2-2020 AM

What Will You Do With Jesus?

Matthew 27:11-25

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