Sunday School's Greatest Asset

Sunday School's Greatest Asset

By Kenton McInerney

In his book, Sunday School in HD, Allan Taylor explains the most important asset of a Sunday School. In our culture today, we have an infatuation with technology. In certain work fields, this technology is beginning to take the place of people. In some businesses, the only people necessary are the ones who are technologically capable of correcting errors that may arise in their machinery. The work of the church cannot operate this way. While the church is not considered a business, we are in the people business! People are the number one asset to the Sunday School and to the church as a whole.


Here is a simple Biblical reason why people are the greatest resource to the church and its ministries. The church is the people. How many times have we said, “See you at church this Sunday”? A quick Google search on the definition of “church” will tell you that a church is “a building used for public Christian worship”, but as children of God, we know the church is much more than that. We ought always to compare what the world says with the all-time standard of truth, God’s Word. Jesus used the Greek word “ekklesia” in Matthew 16:18 meaning “a calledout assembly”. Are we not thankful for our church family? Before the foundations of the world were established, God knew everything about every single member of this called-out assembly. As a child of God, He knew exactly when, where, and how we would be used to grow His kingdom.


To apply this principle specifically to the Sunday School department, Allan Taylor also says in his book, The Six Core Values of Sunday School (pg. 14), “The Sunday School is the church organized to do the work of the Great Commission”. To think that we, as a called-out assembly, are able to play a small part in the most effective way of fulfilling the Great Commission is a humbling thought. Whether it be attending, inviting others to, serving in, or overseeing a Sunday School class, we ought to have an excitement for this organization that God has allowed us to be involved in!


My challenge to you is threefold. First, look back on how Sunday School has made a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. As Fanny Crosby wrote, “To God be the glory, great things he has done!” Spend some time thanking the Lord for this powerful ministry that has brought so many to an eternal relationship with Christ. Secondly, look at how the ministry of Sunday School is making a difference in your life today. Christian, is there room for improvement? I believe we all could answer, “yes” to this question. Whether it be improving our faithfulness in attendance, inviting others to our class, or serving in a classroom of the future generation, the Lord has given us so many opportunities to be involved in this ministry. Thirdly, look at how Sunday School will make a difference in the future. Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” The simple vision of the Sunday School is that of the Great Commission which can be narrowed down into three goals. Allan Taylor explains that the three goals of the Sunday School are to reach people, teach people, and minister to people. Without people there would be no purpose in sharing the Gospel. God gave people His best, His Son, Jesus Christ. May we, as Christians, never settle for anything less than our best when it comes to serving the Lord and others, especially in the ministry made for people, the Sunday School.