Rev. Taylor

8-29-18 WED

Judgments Part 3

I Thessalonians 4:13-18

Pastor House

8-26-18 AM

Power In A Name

Acts 4

Pastor House

8-26-18 PM

What Do You Need

Luke 24

Rev. Taylor

8-22-18 WED

Judgments Part 2

Revelation 20:1-15

Pastor House

8-19-18 AM

No Volunteers

I Corinthians 16:5

James Sinde

8-19-18 PM

Missionary to Greece

Rev. Taylor

8-15-18 WED

Judgments Part 1

John 8:1-11

Pastor House

8-12-18 AM

Hell Is Real

Matthew 5:21

Rev. Taylor

8-12-18 PM

VBS As A Total

Luke 15:1

Pastor House

8-5-18 AM

When We Struggle With Life

Job 23:1-17

Pastor House

8-5-18 PM

Example Of Early Church

Acts 2:41

Pastor House

8-1-18 WED

Beginnings Are Foundational

Titus 3:4

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